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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  Untitled

Photo by Mikayla Faivre


Found at Devil’s State Park, Baraboo, WI

½ mile of brilliant sun for mountain climbing
Stepping stones, swaying cedars, loosely pasted clouds
The trail up & down is winding 
The birds sing crisply, all is sound.

Many only hike in spring time
When weather’s kind w/flowers blooming
You and I have hiked in moonlight
In winter’s cold with downpour looming.

Wisconsin weather, hope for better, constant shifting.
Warmth is short & spring a transit to several other seasons
Holding hands, continuously glad, at times together drifting
Trusting w/a grain of salt, afraid of repetitive treason.

Nonsensical cycles of cynicism & mirth
Who next will have the upper hand?
Retaliant trifles, criticism, re-birth
High-tide returns, yet still no one has a plan.

Patience through periodic disasters
Forgiveness gurgling up akin to groundwater
A heart that molds yet hardens like alabaster
Shape-shifting, spinning in the hands of the potter.

Our eyes re-centered to the distance
The present obscured and over-pixelated
Foolish, brave, or just persistent?
At times, dizzied & gazing, feeling asphyxiated.

Eternally gleaming since the day I met you
Is a joy that outreaches what harkens
Everlasting, not counterfeit, perfectly in place, undeniable
How I see despite how much my vision darkens

Inseparable, unintelligible how God has brought us closer
So I’m the one who fell in love, yet he’s the one who chose her
Though light & love, they’ll re-surface every eve of spring,
& we could hug & hold tight enough to outlast the winter’s windy sting.

I kneel before you & promise now
In the face of seasons that never stop
Let this spring & trail be your symbols—
I’ll become your balanced rock.

Mikayla Faivre is from North Freedom, Wisconsin, and is majoring in Animal Science. She has always been enamored by storytelling and spends her spare time reading or writing. Mikayla is a recipient of the David Cole Award in Creative Writing. This is her second year as an editor for the Spirit Lake ReviewFind her on Instagram:

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