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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  No One Knows What's Inside

Tumbling with the Terns.jpg
"Tumbling with the Terns"
by Roberta Condon

No One Knows What's Inside

Red Thiesenhusen

The ocean was coal;

A star-filled sky dimmed by the light of the city or

A Murder of crows blanketing the sky,

Omens of the end.

The world continues to rotate slowly like a top, wobbling off-center


The sun is fading

With crashing, cacophonous colors

Where did the color hide away?

Dimmed with the ocean, darkened like the minds of people


I can hear the roar;

The water rushes in to fill the crevices of the mind,

Drowning out thoughts; 

Muffling the cries for help


Crows cackle and caw, 

Perched on driftwood,

Omens gazing as the world is razed slowly since

People don’t change;

Only shift with the arduous ebb and flow of the tide

Just like in the soot-stained ocean


And no one knows what’s inside

Red Thiesenhusen is from Madison, WI and has always had a passion for creative writing. They are in their third year at UW-Platteville, working on a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. After graduating, they are hoping to attend graduate school and work on a Master’s in Social Work.

Roberta Condon is an artist and gallerist from Portage, WI. She is an award-winning Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, and a member of the Master’s Circle in the International Association of Pastel Societies. Roberta Condon has a gallery and studio at 223 W Cook Street in Portage, WI and is the author of the book “Agriculture All Around, Agriculture Run Aground” which discusses the loss of the family farm in the Midwest. This work is from her book in progress, and series of paintings entitled “A Hollow Boned Muse”.

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