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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  Vánagandr

Photo by Mikayla Faivre


Mikayla Faivre

Darkness blooms

behind tangled branches

A hush echoes into the night

as the stag tentatively

treads into the pale moonlight


He lingers,

treacherously exposed,

open to creatures of shadow

lurking behind emerald conifers

their sharp teeth ready for ripping


Putting faith into instinct

he plunges into the light

frantically searching

for a desolate

sense of calm


Only to find

he is the object

of all cruel intentions,

The source of tonight’s amusements

For he shall become one with wicked darkness

Mikayla Faivre is from North Freedom, Wisconsin, and is majoring in Animal Science. She has always been enamored by storytelling and spends her spare time reading or writing. Mikayla is a recipient of the David Cole Award in Creative Writing. This is her second year as an editor for the Spirit Lake ReviewFind her on Instagram:

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