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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  Star

Artwork by Maddie Hansen


Claudia Enz

I’m the twins, you’re the scorpion–

According to the Zodiacs.

Those who adhere to astrology 

Insist that our signs 

Have a zero percent compatibility

And yet 

If I’m one half of a twin, you seem

To be the other.

Stars are sky diamonds

Yet I never saw a use for diamonds;

Just a pretty way to

Handcuff yourself to the rusted bottom

Of a drowning ship

And yet

You are a diamond

And therefore a star;

My Polaris forever stitched 

In my north sky, my guide

Which is somewhat terrifying

Because to rely on a guide

Is to stumble blindfolded through the dark

And to pray that the other doesn’t release 

Your hand and leave you stranded


Is it better to walk

In a starless cosmos

Than to chain yourself to 

A fickle ball of gas

That may burn away to nothing?

Claudia Enz is an English major with a Professional Writing emphasis at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Claudia is a Senior and is excited to graduate Summer 2022. 

Maddie Hansen is extremely passionate about drawing, writing, and storytelling. She hopes to publish her own collection of poetry someday, with a drawing for each one. Check her out on Instagram:

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