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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  SLEEP STORY

Artwork by Maddie Hansen


Sherman Funmaker

Forced to write

About my life’s story

Ups and downs 

Of a fool and his dream

No one has interest

As plots thicken daily

Wakened too soon

Before the show ended

Ruined again 

By the softness that


Pillows of sleep

Get in my way…

Sherman Funmaker is a Ho-chunk Nation Bear Clan Elder and a graduate from UW/Baraboo-Sauk County. Before his time at Boo U he had never really wrote anything but letters to his parents. He would like to thank professors Dave Cole and Ken Grant who helped him along this creative journey. He has website that has just some of his work.

Please visit

Maddie Hansen is extremely passionate about drawing, writing, and storytelling. She hopes to publish her own collection of poetry someday, with a drawing for each one. Check her out on Instagram:

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