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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  Rejecting a Pavlovian Outlook

Untitled289 (1).jpg
Artwork by Maddie Hansen

Rejecting a Pavlovian Outlook

Maddie Hansen

Food for thought no I'm not hungry

Emaciated starving physically

Pennies no I need no cents

Or was it sense am I speaking at all

Stop the synapse in its tracks

I won't react

If the train of thought derails

Branded are the gritty details

But it didn't happen to me.

Estranged memories

Bust the motor and end this charade

No more involuntary responses

I refuse to be oscillated this time

Hidden behind thick black curtains

I put an amygdala in the lost and found

It couldn't possibly have been mine.

Maddie Hansen is extremely passionate about drawing, writing, and storytelling. She hopes to publish her own collection of poetry someday, with a drawing for each one. Check her out on Instagram:

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