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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  Parenthood

Keri Olson - Photo 2 - 20210515_145239.jpg
Photo by
Keri Olson


Ben Hartman

It looked like me

I looked away

My tears of joy disturb

My tears of disarray

I smile because I have to 

Lie because I have to

Say what I’m supposed to say

While my core disintegrates

A pat on my back

Is a shovel on my soil

Pack in the anguish

Awake my broken dreams

A life sentence

Awakens the vegetative state within me

Society says it doesn’t make sense

My vain attempt to hoard its innocence

Ben Hartman is a graduate from Lawrence University (Appleton, WI) who enjoys writing, hiking, kayaking, and just about anything that will result in an enlightening story or experience.  Whether it's an unfamiliar hiking trail, the aisles of a library, or the thoughts within your mind, keep exploring!

Keri Olson explores life’s beauty and joy through her award-winning photography, writing and public speaking. Keri draws upon her experiences with cancer and other serious illnesses for inspiration and perspective. She lives in her hometown of Baraboo with her husband, Larry McCoy.

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