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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  Move

“Hazard, 2021, acrylic on camouflage fabric, 34 x 26 inches”
by Richard Moninski


AnaCapri Peterson

I sit as still as the obsidian formed 
After slow-moving molten lava cools
As the world around me whirls
Moving like the pyroclastic flow after an eruption, 
too fast for me to 
Catch more than a blurred
Flash of color
I watch as if I am in slow motion
And everyone and everything else 
Is moving at a pace
I can’t compete with
And I am fixed to the spot
I chase the twirling ribbons of 
Life as they speed past
Dancing around me in circles
Eluding me with ease
They are the cars racing along a highway
While I am on the side of the road, 
Watching them pass
I plead with myself to move, move.
To do something. But I don’t listen
I’m knee-deep in mud, wading through
And they are on a moving walkway
Headed towards their future
Their passion burning hot
While mine has long since cooled
Their graceful, sure-footed steps 
Never wavering or faltering
My own steps stumbling
Like a runner finishing a marathon 
And so I sit again, as still as cooled obsidian

AnaCapri Peterson is an undergraduate student at UW-Platteville with a major in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing.

Trained as a painter, Richard Moninski makes work that explores the systematization of nature, the decorative impulse, the choices between representation and abstraction, and the history and culture of specific places. His paintings and drawings have been exhibited nationally. He resides in Mineral Point, WI.

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