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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  Daisy Chains

Rage of Her Convictions.jpg
"Rage of Her Convictions"
by Jeff Weiland

Daisy Chains

Lisa Chu

The lure of rich men could not have kept me untainted

Do not buy if seal has been broken

Saint Slut and The Big Man on top

I climbed upon manhood and wrenched my flower from its hands

The peonies of my blood

Every tulip in my eye

And the bleeding hearts between my teeth

I found myself waking to the Sunday eyes of a girl named Bear—

Rainbow rays sprout from the carpeted floor

Rain bones in labyrinth corners of Junque Stops Here Antiques

Rain bowtied into Badger Bros coffee steam

Blood of Christ chased with a Mountain Dew

Lisa Chu is an introverted performer of life. She aims to retire early from her lifelong career as a people-pleasing normie to pursue a new path of baring her naked truth through poetry. A forlorn lover of sunsets and Krave cereal, she is driven by her unsatiated hunger for self-discovery.

Jeff Weiland graduated from UW-Platteville Baraboo Sauk County in the 1980's and has always enjoyed photography. 

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