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Artwork by Maddie Hasen


Maddie Hansen

Rancor is the anchor to our duet

Tiptoe tap dancing since we first met

The whippoorwill's song sings as a threat

As we drain each other of all we can get


I hate you, and I hate you as well

Swaying from the sound of the chapel bell

Arm in arm, from grace we both fell

Bound by an urge to drag each other to Hell


You make me want to lose my mind

With heretic ideals so unrefined

Yet calloused hands stay intertwined

By animosity so perfectly aligned


To your polarity I find myself drawn

You are my personal Babylon

I need not weep for thee Zion

For it's you I'd rather dwell upon


So long have we been attached at the side

Can't pull away though we've never tried

Is this addiction we wish to hide

Or codependency we have denied


We both know heaven is china blue

While we go out dancing on ruby red shoe

Three is a crowd, but lucky for you,

You and me and the devil makes two.

Maddie Hansen is extremely passionate about drawing, writing, and storytelling. She hopes to publish her own collection of poetry someday, with a drawing for each one. Check her out on Instagram:

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