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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  >  A Simple Sign of Decadence

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"Circus Wheel"
by Michael Heath

A Simple Sign of Decadence

Adam Smith

Everyone should know,

it’s hard to pay your bills when

you’re lying in a hospital bed.


That’s how life goes when you’re

twenty-two but the jean-jacket

you’re wearing is twenty-six.


Not much in purpose but

to keep

the family genes vintage—


That’s what’s good

about doing bad things,

it’s hard to perform a sin when

you don’t believe in them.


No one ever wanted to be one

of those household items ditched

in the front yard of a college house.


Not much in purpose but

to keep

popular ones close—


With the lemmings, huh?

More like with the wolves,

when we jump off the cliff

we are always chasing something.


Is it never not for nothing?

Adam J. Smith is a graduate of UW-Platteville, where he majored in Computer Science and Software Engineering. He is currently a professional Software Engineer living in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Michael Heath is proud to call beautiful Baraboo, WI his adopted home. He enjoys photographing the Sauk County and state landscapes. A longtime social worker in Wisconsin, Michael currently works as a Resource Specialist at the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families where he supports foster, adoptive, and relative caregivers throughout Wisconsin. Visit

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