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2022 Issue  >  Poetry  > 60's Surf Indian

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"The Glow"
by Michael Heath

60's Surf Indian

Sherman Funmaker

Back before big brother saw us all 

Was sat in theaters Saturday afternoon

The cool kids sat in the front 

Necks strained eyes wide open

Dreaming of L.A.


Peaceful beatniks inside my head 

Wishing I was far from this little lonely town

Visions of beaches and blondes

Danced in my head 


Far from where I grew up 

Far from where I came from

Oh, how I wished my life

Was like silly stupid movies


Dancing on white hot sand

Flipping my hair

Driving my Woody


Matinees were my escape

Only for a moment… I was white

Tanned and surfing 

Girls all around 


Sea salt burns my eyes


Like the sun that made me brown

Sherman Funmaker is a Ho-chunk Nation Bear Clan Elder and a graduate from UW/Baraboo-Sauk County. Before his time at Boo U he had never really wrote anything but letters to his parents. He would like to thank professors Dave Cole and Ken Grant who helped him along this creative journey. He has website that has just some of his work.

Please visit

Michael Heath is proud to call beautiful Baraboo, WI his adopted home. He enjoys photographing the Sauk County and state landscapes. A longtime social worker in Wisconsin, Michael currently works as a Resource Specialist at the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families where he supports foster, adoptive, and relative caregivers throughout Wisconsin. Visit

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